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by admin on October 24, 2013

One more day left for the week to end and you just do not feel like going to work and finally decided to take a day off. Now you have to search for convincing excuses that will fetch you an approved leave. The excuses you provide to your authorities should not sound irresponsible which otherwise will create a bad impression about you. The commonest and most convincing excuses that can fetch you an approved leave of absence are the health excuses. If you are unwell naturally your ill health will not let you work and is of no use to your workplace since there won’t be any productive tasks on your part.

Application of fake doctors note for work

There are many health excuses that you can provide to get the leave approved but all of them will be accepted based on your submission of an authentic doctor’s note for work.  If you are genuinely ill, you can always get a genuine doctor’s note from your family doctor. What if you are faking illness? Don’t fret; if you are faking illness you have the option of faking a doctor’s note too. Yes, there are online fake doctors notes for work which can be used as evidence against your leave of absence. Though they are fake ones they almost resemble authentic doctors notes in all aspects and will not put you down on scrutiny.

How should be the fake doctors notes?

There are many online websites that are in the trade of selling fake doctors notes for a nominal fee. Your only job is to identify the best site that stocks fake notes for different health excuses and download the most appropriate one. Some fake doctors notes selling sites let you download multiple fake doctors notes for the cost of one fake note. This helps you use one reason for one occasion so that you need not look for different fake doctors notes for the leave needs that might arise from time to time. Ensure that the fake doctors note for work that you download have the fields like date, doctor’s name, clinic’s name, nature of illness, period of illness and doctor’s signature. An authentic looking logo and watermark are added advantageous features that will give no space for suspicions for sanctioning your leave.

Valid health excuses that work

Though you have the support of fake doctors notes, the health excuses that you provide should be realistic to avoid any interrogations. Reasons like you are suffering from flu or severe cold or eye conjunctivitis can immediately fetch you leave as they are highly contagious and might affect the other staff members at the workplace. Women can cite cramps as the best excuse if they have male bosses. Not too many questions can be asked against this reason as the bosses might feel embarrassed getting deep into the matter. They can also download a suitable gynecologist note or a general physician note and fill in the details and submit.

Staying at home without going to office sounds really good but the right measure should be taken to avert the consequences. There are saddening risks involved if get caught later for submitting illegitimate notes. However, no harm in using fake doctors notes for work for one or two times, if you have found out the best site and legit looking notes.

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